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Tiny Death Star


Size : 41.62 MB


Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a strategy and management game along the same lines of the other games created by NimbleBit. Here, you are in charge of your own Death Star, and for that you'll need to buy new rooms, personnel, etc.

The object of the game, like in Tiny Tower or other similar titles, is to build the biggest and best Death Star around. To help you achieve such a feat, you will have the chance to build more than 80 different types of rooms, including karaoke spots, souvenir shops, and even spas to allow your inhabitants to relax.

That is the other great part of the game: the characters. There are more than 30 different races of inhabitants in the Star Wars universe. You can give them jobs and make them happy so that they bring productive value to your Death Star.

And of course you'll run into some problems in the form of rebel spies like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, who won't hesitate to infiltrate your Death Star and wreak havoc.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a fun strategy and management game that has addictive gameplay and very charming 8 bit-style graphics.