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The 7D Mine Train


Size : 84.70 MB


A hilarious, side-scrolling adventure in which users choose their favorite dwarf to pilot a character-specific vehicle through twisting, turning mine tracks before hurtling through Gumdrop Grotto, the Enchanted Forest, the sky above Jollywood, and more! This high-speed challenge will have kids wildly tapping, swiping, tilting, and shaking to save the day with the 7D!

The Glooms are at it again, and Queen Delightful has summoned her go-to guys, the 7D, to save the day! Racing against time and through various locations in each new mission, the 7D must obtain all the items the Queen needs while managing to avoid the Glooms…before it’s too late.

2D, based on series art

Each character has a special attribute that helps him avoid obstacles as he attempts to complete that day’s challenge. (For example, each time Sneezy sneezes, his vehicle gets a burst of speed.) Replay challenges with a different dwarf driver to take advantage of his distinctive “power” for seven times the fun!

New and exciting locations in and around Jollywood will become available as they are introduced on the show.
New modes of transportation, such as hot-air balloons, pneumatic tubes, and other vehicles will also be released as they are introduced in upcoming episodes.

Users will unlock each dwarf’s animated introduction over the weeks leading up to the app’s launch!
Action will center on exciting locations in and around Jollywood—including underground and in the air!
This high-speed adventure will incorporate the over-the-top visual humor and one-liners that are some of the hallmarks of the show.
The ability to replay each challenge with a new dwarf driver will make each visit a unique adventure that will keep users coming back for wacky experiences with the 7D again and again!

Wow” Factors:
Each character has a unique ability that allows him to complete levels in weird and wacky ways.
Hilarious nonstop action will keep users coming back for more!